Thursday, 24 May 2007

lcg-vomscerts updated

lcg-vomscerts rpm needs to be updated to version 4.5.0-1.
The configuration needs to be changed on the UIs. YAIM site-info.def is not correct. Easiest recipe to change it (from Santanu on TB-SUPPORT) is

sed -c 's/C=CH\/O=CERN\/OU=GRID\/CN=host\//DC=ch\/DC=cern\/OU=computers\/CN=/g ' -i .old site-info.def

and then run the yaim function config_vomses

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Manchester Tier2 dcache goes resilient II

Yesterday we completed the scheduled downtime, and now dcache02 is up and resilient, it's still chewing through the list of files and making copies of them, going by past experience it will probably finish somewhere around lunchtime tomorrow. It's so nice to know we're not in the dark ages of dcache-1.6.6 any more. Of course, there's still small niggles to iron out and we've yet to really throw a big load at it, but it's looking a lot, lot better.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Manchester Tier2 dcache goes resilient

We're half way through the combined upgrade from dcache-1.6.6-vanilla to dcache1.7.0-with-replica-manager, so far only one of the two head-nodes has been upgraded, but so far so good, the other is scheduled for upgrade next week, and I appear to have scheduled the queue shutdown at 8am on bank-holiday Monday!