Monday, 24 September 2012

Manchester network improvements in Graphs

As I posted here and here we have upgraded the network infrastructure within the Manchester Tier2. Below are some of the measured benefits of this upgrade so far.

Here is the improvement of the outgoing traffic in the atlas sonar tests between Manchester and BNL after we upgraded the cisco blades and replaced the rack switches with the 10G ones

Here instead is the throughput improvement after I have enabled the 10Gbps interface on the perfsonar machine. The test case is Oxford which also has the 10Gbps interfaces enabled.

and here more general rates with different sites. The 10Gbs is evident with sites that have enabled it.

The perfsonar tests have helped also to debug the poor atlas FTS rates the UK had with FZK ( in particular Manchester (and Glasgow) had  tried already to investigate last year with iperf within atlas what the problem was without much success due to measures not being taken systematically. This year the problem was finally pinned on FZK firewall and the improvement given by bypassing it is below here.

which reflects also in the improved rates in the atlas sonar tests between Manchester and FZK since also the data servers subnets bypass the firewall now.

Finally here is a increased throughput in data distribution to/from other sites as an atlas T2D. August rates were down due to a combination of problems with the storage but there is a growing trend since the rack switches and the cisco blades were upgraded.