Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Big Upgrade in pictures

New Cisco blades, engines and power supplies

DELLs boxes among which new switches
Aerial view of the old cabling
Frontal view of the mess
Cables unplugged from the cisco
Cisco old blades with services racks still connected
New cat6a cisco cabling aerial view nice and tidy
Frontal view of the new cisco blades and cabling nice and tidy
Old and new rack switches front view
Old and new rack switches rear view
Emptying and reorganising the racks
Empty racks ready to be filled with new machines
Old DELLs cemetery
Old cables cemetery. All the cat5e cables going under the floor from the racks to the cisco half of the cables from the rack switches to the machines and all the patch cables in front of the cisco shown above have gone.
All the racks but two have now the new switches but the machines are still connected with cat5e cables. Upgrading the network cards will be done in Phase two one rack at the time to minimize service disruption.

The downtime lasted 6 days. Everybody who was involved did a great job and the choice of 10GBASE-T was a good one because the ports auto-negotiation is allowing us to run at 3 different speeds on the same switches: PDU 100Mbps, old WN and storage at 1Gbps, and the connection with the cisco is 10Gbps. We also kept one of the old cisco blades for connections that don't require 10Gbps such as the out-of-band management cables plus two racks of servers that will be upgraded at a later stage are still connected at 1Gbps to the cisco. And we finished perfectly in time for the start of data taking (and Easter). :)