Friday, 9 November 2007

1,000,000th job has passed by

This week the batch system ticked over it's millionth job. The lucky user was biomed005, and no, it was nothing to do with rsa768. The 0th job was way back in August 2005 when we replaced the old batch system with torque. How many of these million were successful? I shudder to think but I'm sure it's improving :-)

In other news, we're having big problems with our campus firewall, it blocks outgoing port 80 and 443 to ensure that traffic passes through the university proxy server. Unfortunately some web clients such as wget and curl make it impossible to use the proxy for these ports whilst bypassing the proxy for all other ports. Atlas need this with the new PANDA pilot job framework. We installed a squid proxy of our own (good idea Graeme) which allows for greater control. No luck with handling https traffic so we really need to get a hole punched in the campus firewall. I'm confident the uni systems guys will oblige ;-)

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