Thursday, 6 December 2007

Manchester various

- core path was set to /tmp/core-various-param in sysctl.conf and was creating a lot of problems to dzero jobs. It was also creating problems to others as they were filling /tmp and consequently maradona errors were looming around. The path has been changed back to the default and also I set core size 0 in limits.conf to prevent any other problem repeating itself with a lesser degree in /scratch.

- dcache doors were open on the wrong nodes. node_config is the correct one but it was copied before stopping dcache-core service and now /etc/init.d/dcache-core stop doesn't have any effect. The doors have also a keep alive script so it is not enough to kill the java proesses one has to kill also the parents.

- cfengine config files are being rewritten to make them less criptic.

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