Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Biomed VOMS server CA DN has changed

Biomed is opening GGUS tickets for non working sites. Apparently they are getting organised and they have someone to do some sort of support now.

They opened one for Manchester too - actually we were slightly flooded with tickets we must have some decent data on the storage.

The problem turned out to be that on the 18/6/2010 the biomed VOMS server CA DN has changed. If you find these messages (if you google for them you get only source code entries) on your DPM srmv2.2 log files:

08/03 11:14:30 4863,0 srmv2.2: SRM02 - soap_serve error : [::ffff:] ( : CGSI-gSOAP running on reports Error retrieveing the VOMS credentials

than you know you must update the configuration on your system replacing






Note: don't forget YAIM too if you don't want to override. I updated the YAIM configuration on the GridPP wiki

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