Thursday, 9 September 2010

Manchester new hardware

We are in the process of installing the new hardware. I knew it was going to be compact but one thing is reading on paper that a 2U unit has 48 CPUs and can replace 24 of the old 1U machines, and another is seeing it. The old cluster 900 machines grandiosity half gone: 20 of the new machines replacing 450 of the old one in terms of cores. Our new little jewels. :)

The first 3 rows in each rack are the computing nodes, the machines at the bottom are the storage units. The storage also has become unbelievably compact and cheap. When we bought the DELL cluster 500TB was an enormity and extremely expensive if organised in proper data servers and this is why we tried to use the WNs disks. The new storage is 540TB of usable storage, fits in 9 4U machines and is considered commodity computing nowadays. Well... almost. ;)

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Jan said...

Hi, we're in the process of procuring new HW at Prague Tier-2 site, and the storage nodes look pretty familiar. Could we get some specification or model identification about your recent purchase?