Friday, 27 July 2007

It's always a good feeling putting a timely end to a long running problem. We've been plagued by the pnfs permission denied error for a little over a month- but hopefully (touch wood) we won't be seeing it again.

So what was the problem? It appears to have been a gridftp door nfs mount asynchronisation problem. Or something like that. Essentially the nfs mounts that the gridftp door reads occasionally failed to update quickly enough, so tests like the SAM tests that copy in a file then immediately try to access it occasionally barfed- it checked to see if the file was there but as it hadn't been updated it didn't. A subsequent test might occur from the door after it's synced, or of an already synced door, and thus pass. I only tracked this down after trying to recreate my own transfer tests and finding I only failed copying out "fresh" files. Mentioning this during the UKI meeting Chris Brew pointed me towards a problem with my PNFS mounts and Greig helped point me towards what they should be (thanks dudes!). I found that my mounts where missing the "noac" (no attribute caching) option-this option is what Grieg and Chris have on their mounts and recommended for multiple clients accessing one server. So a quick remount of all my doors and things seem miraculously all better- my homemade tests all worked and Lancaster's SAM tests are a field of calming green. Thanks to everyone for their help and ideas.

In other news, we're gearing up for the SL4 move- ETA for that about a fortnight. We plan to lay the ground work then try to reinstall all the WNs in one day of downtime, we'll have to see if this is a feasible plan.

Have a good weekend all, I know I will!

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