Monday, 9 July 2007

glite CE passing arguments to Torque

Started testing glite CE passing arguments to Torque server. Installed a gCE with two WN. Should be inserted in a BDII at IC. The script that does the translation from Glue schema attributes to submission parameters is not there. I have the LSF equivalent. Script /opt/glite/bin/ works standalone so I could start to look at it on my laptop where I have a 1 WN system.

The problem is not passing hte argument but the number of ways a sys admin can setup a configuration to do the same. For the memory parameters it is not a very big problem but for the rest of the possible configurations it is. A discussion on a standard configuration is required. Snooping around, most of the sites that allows connection have YAIM standard configuration, but possibly that's because quite few things break if they don't.

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Alessandra said...

Reported the situation at the TCG. It was decided that this is a task that needs a working group.