Monday, 15 October 2007

Availability update

Lancs site availability looks OK for the last month at 94% which is 13% above the GridPP average, and this includes a couple of weekends lost due to dCache problems. The record from July-September has been updated on Jeremy's page. We still get the occasional failed SAM submission, no idea what causes these but they serve to deny the availability reaching high nineties.

  • June-July instability was dCache issue with the pnfs mount options, this only affected SAM tests where files were created and immediately removed.
  • mid-August were SL4 upgrade problems, caused by a few blackhole WNs. This was tracked to the jpackage repository being down which screwed with the auto-install of some WNs.
  • mid-September problems were caused by adding a new dCache pool, not bringing online until the issue is understood.
Job slot occupancy looks ok, non-HEP VOs like fusion and biomed helping to fill slots left by moderate production by Atlas.

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