Monday, 8 October 2007

Its alive !

Sheffield problems reviewed

During the last update to the DPM I ran in to several problem.

1. DPM update failed due to changes in the way the password are
stored in mysql
2. A miss understandind with the new version of yaim that rolled out
at the same time
3. Config errors with the sBDii
4. mds-vo-name
5. Too many roll outs in one go for me to have a clue which broke and where to start

DPM update fails
I would like to thank Graeme for the great update instructions, they
helped lots. The problems came when the update script used a
different hashing method to the one used by mysql problem found here
http://<>. This took some finding, it also means every
time we run yaim config on the SE we have to go back and fixs the
passwords again, this is because yain still uses the old hash not the
new one.

Yaim update half way and congig errors
This confused the hell out of me one minute I'm using yaim scripts to
run updates. Next I have an updated version of yaim that I had to
pass flags to and is where I guess I started to make the mistakes that
lead to me setting the SE as a sBDii. After getting lost with the new
yain I told the wrong machine that it was a sBDii and never relised.

With the help of Henry, we found out that our information was wrong ie we had

mds-vo-name=local it is now mds-vo-name=resource

Once this was changed in the site-info.def and yaim was re ran on our mon box which is
also out sBDii it alll seamed to work.

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