Friday, 28 November 2008

Nagios Checker

Nagios checker is a firefox plugin that can replace nagios email alerts with colourful, blinking and possibly noisy icons at the bottom of your firefox window.

The icon expands into prolematic hosts lines when the cursor goes on top of it and with the right permissions if you click on the hosts it goes to the hosts nagios page.

To configure it to read NorthGrid nagios:

* Go to settings (right-click on the nagios icon on firefox)

* Click Add new

* In the General tab:
** Name: whatever you like
** Tick the nagios older than 2.0 box
** User name: your DN
** Status script URL:
** Click Ok

If you want only your site machines

* Go to the filters tab and
** Tick the 'Hosts matching regular expressions' box
** Insert your domain name in the test-box
** Tick the reverse expression box.
** Click ok

For the rest you can adjust it as you please I removed the noises and inserted a 3600 sec refresh interval.

Drawbacks if you add other nagios end-points:

* Settings are applied to all of them
* If the host names in your other nagios have a different domain name (or don't have it at all) they don't get filtered.

Perhaps another method might be needed. Investigating.

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