Thursday, 2 August 2007

VO deployment

Sent comments for final report of VO deployment WG to Frederic Schaer.

I wrote a report about this over a year ago:

The comments in my email to the TCG are still valid.

I think the time to find the information for a vo is too short. It takes more than 30 mins and normally people ask other sys admins. I found the cic portal tool inadequate up to now. It would be better if the VOs maintained themselves a yaim snapshot on the cic portal that can be downloaded rather than inventing a tool. In UK that's the way we have chosen at the end to avoid this problem.

This is maintained by sysadmins and it is only site-info.def. group.conf is not maintained by anyone but it should at the moment sysadmins are simply replicating the default, when a VO like LHCB or dzero deviates from that there is trouble.

2) YAIM didn't use to have a VO creation/deletion function for each service that can be run. It reconfigure the whole service that makes the
sys admins wary of adding a VO in production in case something went wrong in other parts. From you report this seems to be still the case.

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