Friday, 3 August 2007

Green fields of Lancaster

After sending the dcache problem the way of the dodo last week we've been enjoying 100% SAM test passes over the past 7 days. It's nice to have to do next to nothing to fill in your weekly report. Not a very exciting week otherwise, odd jobs and maintenance here and there. Our CE has been very busy the last week, which has caused occasional problems with the Steve Lloyd tests-we've had a few failures due to there being no job slots available, despite measures to prevent that. We'll see if we can improve things.

We're gearing up for the SL4 move- after Monday's very useful Northgrid meeting at Sheffield we have a time frame for it-sometime during the week starting the 13th of August. We'll pin it down to an exact day at the start of the coming week. We've took a worker offline as a guinea pig and will do hideous SL4 experimentations to it. The whole site will be in downtime for 9-5 on the day we do the move, with luck we won't need that long but we intend to use the time to upgrade the whole site (no SL3 kernels will be left within our domain). Lucky for us Manchester have offered to go first in Northgrid, so we'll have veterans of the SL4 upgrade nearby to call on for assistance.

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